Conversion Rate Optimization

I am currently not offering conversion rate optimization services. For growth marketing training on this topic, I highly recommend Bell Curve.

Google Analytics Audit + Monthly Reporting Dashboard

This is a full audit and also includes a monthly reporting dashboard in Google Data Studio (no monthly fees – 100% yours). This audit will fix your Google Analytics site structure, permissions, goals, attribution, channels, and funnel visualizations. After this audit, you’ll value Google Analytics as one of the most critical tools for your business.

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Landing Page A/B Testing (CRO Service) Custom Pricing

I use Google Optimize currently, but have used Optimizely (at Hootsuite) and VWO (at AdEspresso) extensively.

This is one of the most lucrative tests you can do to accelerate growth. You don’t just get an “A/B” test here – you get a growth model.

Note – for more advanced tests (trial sign up pages), we’ll need to do a customer research quote. You need to have a Google Analytics Audit before I proceed with the CRO service.

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