Lifecycle Emails and Automation

I am currently not offering lifecycle email automation services. For growth marketing training on this topic, I highly recommend Bell Curve.

Lead Capture Optimization 

I’ll fully install lead capture forms, sync them with your CRM and email automation workflow of your choice + A/B test the capture forms and discover the winners.

I have used Sumo extensively for lead capture, however, my current go-to plugin for lead capture will be yours for free. To give you perspective: Sumo costs $199 per month – so my service pays for itself even without the optimization (which is where the real gold shines!).

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Lifecycle Email Workflow Audit  

I will review *one* of your email automation workflows (whether that’s lead nurturing or onboarding) and ensure it’s tracking with your web analytics and revenue.  Over 200,000 people (and counting) have gone through workflows I’ve created for various businesses. 

You will need to meet certain requirements for me to be able to do this effectively. Implementation will be a separate fee that we can discuss during the free consultation call.

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Lifecycle/Lead Nurturing/Onboarding Flow $9,999 – Must use HubSpot to qualify

There is only ONE spot I offer for this and there is a 30 day waiting period before I can start.

This price *will* go up – I know copywriters charging $9,999 just for copywriting of onboarding or lead nuturing emails.  This is where my data analytics, marketing, and copywriting skills combine to convert and create growth.

I created all of the lifecycle emails for AdEspresso (including automated webinars). The best fit SaaS client for this utilizes HubSpot and MixPanel (if they are disconnected, that’s ok – part of my job is connecting them).

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