Nice to meet you! 

How did I end up as a marketer?

Rather accidentally.

While I made my first website at 16, it was when I was working full time in sales a decade later when I discovered the internet’s true power. My job at 26 was selling back office services to multinational corporations expanding to Japan. Not as exciting as it sounds. However, one of these clients — Marketo — opened my eyes to a whole new world: marketing.

I was hooked. I started reading not just about marketing automation, but everything from SEO to CRO.

I spent my weekends thereafter turning my nights out into a marketing experiment…and eventually sold what became the #1 Tokyo nightlife websiteEventually, I moved back to the United States, and began working as a digital marketing consultant for agencies (Jellop), crowdfunding projects (Pakpod), and early-stage startups (MIA Japan). Advertising slowly became my expertise, and I began gravitating towards Facebook Ads consulting full time in 2015 and discovered an ad software called AdEspresso.

For two years, I served as AdEspresso’s Marketing Director. And while it was was challenging and rewarding, I became bored of helping just *one* company, and instead wanted to help a range of SaaS and eCommerce companies. This led to me specializing in advertising once again, and subsequently discovering Bell Curve.

Through managing Bell Curve’s agency, I scaled many exciting eComm and SaaS companies to six figures of monthly spend or more. This is what I do today.

Personal life wise, I live with my girlfriend in East Atlanta and we have two cats. And when I’m not working on marketing, I’m either doing Crossfit, yoga, reading, or producing/DJing electronic music.

I’d also love to learn more about you (in addition to your business). So hit that “Let’s Get Started” button and let’s get to know each other!

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