My name’s Tim. I’m the founder of Ascenial – an agency that scales privacy-first companies with digital advertising.

Previous career highlights:

  • Agency Director of Bell Curve, the Tech Crunch featured Growth Marketing Agency
  • Marketing Director of AdEspresso, acquired by Hootsuite in 2017

Previous Work


“Tim's passion for growth and relentless focus on customer acquisition allowed me to focus more on what I do best: innovating, hiring, and building a better company.”


Company Name: Massimo Chieruzzi
Designation: CEO of AdEspresso

“I’ve personally worked with Tim and can attest to his energy and insights on paid acquisition”


Company Name: Connor Mooney
Designation: Head of Growth @Zestful

“At Bacon's Heir, we had a strong organic social media presence, but Tim helped us get up to speed with social advertising and make that one of THE key drivers of our business. Thanks Tim!”


Company Name: Brett
Designation: Founder of Bacon's Heir

“Tim is a Facebook Ads and SEO guru. Whether it’s 10x return on ad spend or my #1 result on Google... he’s the man.”


Company Name: Serik
Designation: Founder of


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